Loronar E-9 Explorer

Loronar Corporation
E-9 Explorer-Class Armed Long-Range Scout Vessel

Loronar Corporation is an old, respected and well-diversified corporation based in the Meridian Sector. Known primarily for their mining interests, they are relative newcomers to the shipbuilding industry. One of their first forays into shipbuilding came at the end of the Clone Wars with the introduction of the E-9 unarmed light freighter.

It was, to put it mildly, a colossal failure upon delivery. The ship suffered not from production or quality failures (in fact it was an excellent small freighter) but from political turmoil and intense competition from Corellian Engineering’s already entrenched and wildly popular YT series of light freighters.

After a few years of dismal sales, the E-9 was discontinued as a light freighter, redesigned and rereleased as a long-range armed scouting vessel. Most of the ship’s systems remained the same,a s did its swooping, organic looking hull, but the sensors, flight control and computer systems were all upgraded and optimized for reconnaissance and scouting. Cargo capacity was reduced significantly to make way for larger engines and a more powerful power generator, and a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons were added for defense. After a fair amount of legal wrangling with the newly ascendant Empire, which looked askance at civilian shipbuilders mounting weapons to their products,t he rebadged E-9 Explorer class ships were introduced just as the Empire solidified its control over the galaxy.

Some of the larger ships in their class, the Explorer-class ships are built for endurance and reliability. The hull is low and long, with soft, curved lines and a silhouette reminiscent of a sea creature. It has a medium-sized cargo hold equipped with a convenient load-management and inventory computer that assists in loading, unloading and tracking cargo. It also boasts a quartet of small but comfortable passenger berths, a common-crew berthing area, and a common galley/head. The command deck is directly forward and seats three of the four-man crew: the pilot, copilot, and engineer. The loadmaster’s station is in the cargo hold.

Despite their age, Explorer-class ships have considerably modern layout, making accessing the various compartments and holds easy and intuitive. With their powerful scouting sensor arrays, reliable engines and flight-controlled computers, and onboard weapon systems, the Explorer-class ships are perfectly suited for long-range scouting, exploration, and even light trade.

The lower deck Includes engineering access to maintenance systems crawlspace. Engineering Access is one of the Explorer’s more intelligent design features comprised of a network of sub-deck access passages granting easy access to nearly any internal system on the ship. These cramped passages allow the engineer to respond quickly to problems.

Loronar E-9 Explorer

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