Sol Rook

"The trails gone cold. Now what?"


[Corellian Security Force Coronet Office Official Record]
[File Number 1138][Date Recorded: 2 ABY]
[Name: Solomon “Sol” Rook]
[Alias: Sol, Inspector Rook, Ghost Hunter]
[Description: White Human Male. Mid Thirties. Two Meters Tall. Brownish Hair. Brown Eyes. No Distinguishable Features on Record]

[Vigilante former CorSec Officer suffering from obsessive delusions and alchoholism. Currently a licenced Bounty Hunter. Whereabouts unknown.]

[Criminal Citations: Property damage, reckless flying, shuttle theft, excessive force, theft of CorSec property, unregistered weapon use, smuggling contraband, possession of illegal weapon, possession of illegal substance, possession of illegal person, unlicenced bounty hunting, public urination]

[Affiliations: JO-9 (Stolen CorSec Droid), Dhyrn (Wookiee Thug), Bralys Fluun (Sullistan Bounty), Bounty Hunter’s Guild, CorSec (Formerly), Coronet Amateur Racing League (Formerly), Young Rangers of Correllia (Formerly)]

[Psychological profile: prone to obsessiveness. Obsessions make him prone to overoptimism. Failure pushes him to overpessimism and alcoholism. Motivated by a strong internal sense of justice. Has difficulty coping with letting others down. Habitually arranges things in groups of five.]


[Recorded by Corellian Security Force Director Grayson Cogley, Director of Coronet Office]

Solomon Rook formerly held the rank of Inspector in the Corellian Security Force. I knew him personally. Known as “Sol,” he was good at his job and well liked by his fellow officers. Originally Sol worked in the counter smuggling division, even spending some time under cover. However, he transferred to homicide as a Major in order to gain the experience necessary to be an Inspector. This was surprising but not unheard of. Sol was in the middle of a good long career. Neither I or any of his fellow officers saw signs of his eventual downfall.

It was only during the Coronet Ghost case that the poison of obsession began creeping into his mind. He seemed to take the case personally. As though the killer was killing solely for the sake of outwitting Inspector Rook. One victim’s death in particular seemed to haunt Sol more than others and drive a wedge between him and his fellow officers. Details on the Novar incident are in the Coronet Ghost official record. [Coronet Ghost, p.40, v.Novar, Ellia]

When it was found out that the Coronet Ghost was leaving planet, Inspector Rook came to me and petitioned to go after him. Since all his leads came from questionable sources I declined. When he wouldn’t let the matter go I was forced by CorSec procedure to suspend him for a month’s time. The last time I personally saw Inspector Rook was when he exploded out of my office.

My officers reported that Rook immediately took transportation off planet. I sent a patrol unit after him and he was arrested for bounty hunting without a license. After a waiting period of thirty days he was allowed to post bail. He drained his savings, paid bail, stole one of our droids (unbeknownst to us at the time), purchased a bounty hunting license, and fled off planet again. At the time we didn’t have jurisdiction to legally track his movements. However, our undercover officers would occasionally report his comings and goings. All legally, and only in the interest of keeping tabs on an old friend.

Sources say Rook lost the trail of the Coronet Ghost. As we thought the leads he was following were rabbit trails. Stricken with grief, Rook fell into a severe bout of alcoholism and attempted to drown himself in Corellian Whiskey. After nearly dying a few times, he got into a drunken brawl with Wookiee that ended in both of them in the ditch. Surprisingly, two teamed up to hunt bounties and the Wookiee somehow motivated Rook to give up his drunkenness.

Last known location of Sol Rook was Socorro. He took off after a Sullistan bounty in a stolen shuttle, leaving the Wookiee and the stolen CorSec DZ Tracker on planet. Sources say Rook’s shuttle went down in pursuit of his target.

[No official warrant has been posted for his arrest. Officers are ordered to observe and report but not interfere.]

Sol Rook

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