Tendau Muaddib

"Harmony and Rage is the knife edge I stand on."


Brawn: 4
Agility: 1
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 3
Presence: 2
Weapon: Blade Breaker
Armor: Flak Vest
Skills Trained: Discipline, Gunnery, Melee, Perception, Resilience, Survival, Vigilance
Talents: Sonic Bellow, Uncanny Senses
Specializations: Hired Gun/Bodyguard and Jedi Exile


Fear: Fire
Quirk: Gives small amounts of credits to all people begging
Motivation: Redemption
Past time: Sitting in the dark and practicing his polyphonic singing with his four throats.
Tendau was born and metamorphosed on planet Ithor. He was found to be force sensitive and was given to the priests to train, his heart was always soft for those who could not protect themselves. His knowledge of the force is very limited. On his first trade mission in which he was sent with a priest to guide him the ship was boarded by imperial troopers. They rounded all of the Ithorians to one place where the leader said to kill them all. Tendau looked at one of the troopers and pleaded, “I can protect them. Let me help.” He was lucky that day since Alister Surror was in that squad and together they dispatched the rest of his squad and saved the ship. Though his actions that day made him an exile for acting so violently. Alister and Tendau traveled together for a while taking jobs where they could and Alister vouched for him when a Bodyguard position was available. This was when he met Halian Lorect. Tendau was Halian’s bodyguard for a time, though Tendau did not like all the Trandoshans around. One day Halian said, “We need to go now.” Although Tendau asked about payment for his services Halian encouraged him they must leave now. This is how Tendau found himself on Tatooine.

Tendau Muaddib

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