Halian Lorect

"Am I alone... because I'm unique?"


Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 4
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3

Weapon: Quamin, Combat Knife
Armor: Heavy Clothing
Skills Trained: Charm, Coerce, Deceit (x2), Negotiation, Survival, Under World, Xenology
Specializations: Diplomat/Advocate, Diplomat/Analyst
Companion: Bendak the Quamin


Fear: Being under the influence of drugs
Quirk: Constant curiosity (taste, touch, smell, etc.)
Motivation: Discovery
Past time: Cooking, tinkering

Previously employed by D’lavna (a Twi’lek referred to by many simply as the Pirate Queen), known especially for her sensually pleasurable slaves. Halian’s position involved planning missions and negotiating sales personally, and was intimately close to D’lavna. Time spent with the Transdoshans for business negotiations lead Halian to discover his interests in questionable pleasures, including consuming flesh from other races. At one point, Halian had witnessed the Wookie named Dhyrn favor fighting over escaping in a gladiatorial battle, and thus earned Halian’s respect. When the Transdoshans planned to eat the Wookie, Halian convinced them to let Dhyrn fight for his life, which he succeeded at and earned his freedom. A mission on a planet with Quamin stirred a fascination that lead to imitation of their hunting and movements, and the imitation during the mission lead to a curious (and moody) Quamin companion for Halian. An Ithorian bodyguard named Tendau became a friend in a mission gone wrong after Halian admired his rage, while Tendau admired Halian’s calm demeanor. Halian’s curiosity got the best of him when he unknowingly “tasted” the favorite slave of one of D’lavna’s best generals, Lmas the Togorian, and though her favor was not lost, Halian knew she would have to pick the fighter. He appealed to Tendau’s friendship and the two made a quick escape. Now he sees this crisis as an opportunity to truly discover himself by discovering the world around him.

Halian Lorect

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