Alister Surror

"I now know this is evil... Will we ever tire of spilling blood?"


[Imperial Military Records of the 76th Assault Regiment]
[File Number 6135][Date of Enlistment: 2 ABY]
[Career: Stormtrooper][Specialization(s): Commando]
[Identification Number: AS-618][Birth Name: Alister Surror]
[Status: M.I.A., presumed Desertion]
[Physical Description: White Human Male, 34 years of age, 1.83 meters in height, 71.7 kilograms in weight, Silver/Brown hair, Green eyes, small Scar above left brow from close-quarters combat engagement with hostile Rebel Sympathizer]
[Location: Unknown]

[Administrative Notes: Warrants of arrest or death have been authorized by the Joint Chiefs of the Imperial Military for any soldier who finds AS-618.]

Brawn: 3
Intellect: 2
Willpower: 2
Agility: 3
Cunning: 3
Presence: 2


Quirk: PTSD (PISD)
Fear: Imperial Presence
Motivation: Helping Father
Past Time: Hunting

Parents: Father
Previous Engagement: Stormtrooper

Alister, or “Al” as his Father called him, wasn’t big into machinery like his dad was. He had always looked up to the Stormtroopers in their clean, white, pristine armor, who charged into the heat of battle against their enemies. They inspired little Al to join the Imperial Scouts, where he was taught and assigned various duties and tasks in the name of Civil Service and the Empire. When he wasn’t scouting, he was learning to hunt from his dad to help provide food for the family (and after honing his skills he would provide for his neighbors as well).

Eventually, Alister achieved the highest rank and award within the Imperial Scouts and had to find work since he was still not quite old enough at the time to enlist. He began working under his Father and his Father’s friend, Bralys. Alister wasn’t interested in being an mechanic, so he handled shipping orders and deliveries of parts. After a couple years, he was finally old enough to serve in the Imperial Military and after training he was assigned as a Stormtrooper and gave up his birth name for AS-618.

Overtime, he found out his Father became ill and could pass away if he didn’t pay for his medicine, so Alister began sending portions of his credits to his Father during his service for the Empire. After invasions upon invasions, watching his comrades fall, and participating in firing lines against the indigenous people and Rebels, something in his mind finally snapped and with the next chance he had he disappeared from the Empire’s radar.

While on the run and in hiding, Alister ran into Bralys again and he was introduced to a crew that could help him evade the Empire while getting credits to save his Father.

Alister Surror

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